2013 Honda Accord test drive and video review

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2013 Honda Accord price, features and specifications

So here it is, the all new 2013 Honda Accord is already out and for sale. As you probably know this is one of the best selling cars in the US and the most popular sedan in North America. Honda Accord together with its biggest rival the Toyota Camry are way ahead of the competition and good cars like the Nissan Altima and VW Passat are struggling to take a small piece of the cake in this segment.
The new 2013 Accord has grown in size a little but is still considered quite compact for the US consumer who likes things mostly big. And though the looks of the new Accord are not as striking as some other competitors Honda has changed almost everything compared to the previous generation.
The exterior is still quite conservative but that is how most Honda lovers like it. The car is well shaped and will probably suit best adult customers above 40.
There are some significant changes in the interior which is quite roomy and comfortable. The dashboard now hosts two big displays with plenty of useful info served to the driver in not very intrusive way. One thing that I liked in the previous Accord was the fact that it was all hardware buttons on the dash, no touch sensitive buttons and touchscreens. Unfortunately we are not going to see future Honda-s like this because it is Japan brand after all and Japan guys like to make things digital. Other than that it is very nice and comfy interior.
The best selling 2013 Honda Accord will be powered by the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine which achieves very good fuel economy figures.
Here is a short test drive and video review of the 2013 Honda Accord with more info about the price and the engines.

2013 Honda Accord test drive and video review

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