Finlux 47F7010 47-inch 3D LED TV product review

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Finlux 47F7010 47-inch 3D LED TV product review
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Features and specifications of the 3D Full HD 47-inch LED TV Finlux 47F7010

Finlux 47F7010 review – with a large 47-inch screen the Finlux 47F7010 is perfect solution for home cinemas. This TV is for consumers looking for a budget 3D TV with larger than average screen and Full HD 1080p resolution.
Finlux 47F7010 comes with some nice features like the 4 HDMI ports, PVR with Record TV function and USB media player.
The Finlux 47F7010 usually comes with 8 pairs of 3D glasses which should be enough for most consumers. This is a passive 3D TV, so the glasses are light and easy to wear. Recent surveys show that most 3D users prefer the passive 3D over the active. That is true for a number of reasons that we are going to explain in another post.
One big downside of this 47-inch 3D TV is that it has a low refresh rate of only 50Hz, which means this isn’t the perfect device for watching fast moving sports or action movies. But as you probably know the refresh rate is just one of the factors for fast transition of the picture itself. Motion blur may occur on this TV but it is quite unlikely to happen very often. Brightness and contrast figures are OK, but far from impressive.
Finlux 47F7010 produces good sound quality from its built-in stereo speakers (16W) I would strongly recommend an additional surround system for better cinema experience with this huge screen.
The price of the Finlux 47F7010 TV was over 500GBP (in UK) but you can find it on Christmas sales for 420GBP which is a good deal for a screen of this size.
You can also check the Finlux 32-inch 3D TV or the amazing Sharp AQUOS LC40LE831E.

Here is an interesting video about LED TVs and LCD backlight you may find interesting:

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