New Honda models at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

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New Honda Civic, Accord and CR-V at 2012 Paris Motor Show

Honda at the Paris Motor Show – car manufacturer Honda showed its new model range at the 2012 Paris Motor Show including the new 2012 CR-V SUV, Honda Accord 2012 and the all new Honda Civic 2013.
All of these cars are already for sale and there are plenty of test drives and reviews showing all of their qualities.

2013 Honda Civic2013 Honda Civic in red
2013 Honda Civic back2013 Honda Civic rear side
2013 Honda Civic blue color2013 Honda Civic trunk

The all new 2013 Honda Civic looks very similar to the previous generation of the compact hatchback but Honda engineers claim it is a completely new vehicle. In terms of looks it is definitely even more unattractive than the previous generation but we hope at least technologically the new Civic has been improved. New engines are added to its model range as well as a hybrid version.

2012 Honda CR-V brown2012 Honda CR-V brown color – front view
Honda CR-V trunk2012 Honda CR-V trunk and luggage space
2012 Honda CR-V dashboard2012 Honda CR-V interior

The 2012 Honda CR-V is on the American market for quite some time now and it is still one of the best selling SUV-s there. The new model is a bit bigger and technologically updated but it is still the same concept of an urban vehicle with bigger dimensions. Probably the biggest changes in the new 2012 CR-V can be found in the interior where the quality has improved significantly. Now the dashboard of the SUV is much more clean looking and with better build-quality and materials. The overall impression of the new 2012 Honda CR-V is very good.

2012 Honda Accord white2012 Honda Accord tourer at the Paris Motor Show
2012 Honda Accord dashboard2012 Honda Accord interior view / dashboard

And the 2012 Honda Accord is probably the oldest concept from all vehicles shown by Honda at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. We particularly liked the Tourer version of the Accord which is a very good looking vehicle (unlike its predecessor) and a practical one as well. The interior of the Accord is also very nice, tech looking and functional at the same time. Probably some more updates to the navigation and multimedia interface would be nice. The price of the Accord is also a bit higher than its competitors in this class but lets not forget Honda offers some of the best built quality.

Honda also showed some other new models and concept at the show but these three are the best selling and currently the most popular models of the Japanese manufacturer model range.

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